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Strength of C&C

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Research competence

  • Excellent research competence focused on discovery research
  • Development of first-in-class drugs in the field of cancer and immune disease
  • New target discovery and drug mechanism research utilizing genomic information
  • Drug discovery platform with small molecules
  • Successful research experiences in various disease area
  • Operation of intra-functional matrix cooperation system to enhance research efficiency

Research resources and system

  • Various animal models to evaluate cancer and immune diseases
  • Genomic DB for a variety of cancer cell lines derived from Korean cancer patients
  • High-throughput screening system (Cell biology)
  • Cell / tissue bank and chemical library
  • High-end equipment, facility and IT infrastructure

R&D Network

  • Discovery of new target through the collaboration with domestic and foreign frontier
    groups in the field of cancer and immune disease.
  • JW Pharmaceutical/ Chugai Pharmaceutical
    • - Research collaboration (Sharing research information/technology/infrastructure)
    • - Regular consulting from mother companies on discovery research
    • - Dispatching and training of researchers in Chugai Pharmaceutical
  • Research collaboration , education of researchers, use of facilities with university