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C&C Research Laboratories was established in 1992 under the cooperation between JW Pharmaceutical in Korea and Chugai Pharmaceutical in Japan, for the purpose of developing new drugs for global market with sharing their research capabilities.

It has achieved the research performances in many fields such arrhythmia, inflammation, oncology and metabolism etc. Especially, Chugai Pharmaceutical and JW Pharmaceutical are jointly developing anti-gout drug for global market.

C&C Research Laboratories has been progressing to a research institute which can do first-in-class research and develop innovative drugs to be well accepted in global market.

Now, we have two first-in-class research projects under effective utilization of our limited research resources. We believe that
the size of research institute is not so important factor for innovative research, but creative idea and deep knowledge are required instead.

To develop innovative drugs, we will reinforce our research infrastructure through the collaboration with academia and other research labs which are doing creative research. We expect that we make better performance through strengthening the collaboration with them. With the establishment of clinical research center as of October 2010.

C&C Research Laboratories can carry out clinical development following to discovery research. We are confident that we will become a research institute in the future, to have global competitiveness and to develop innovative drugs continuously,
focused on cancer and inflammation.

Your sincerely.